On-site printing photography is the best way to have your guests leave with a memento. It is perfect for any event.


Beta Focus are specialists in providing instant photo printing on-site. Our experience will ensure your event runs smoothly and meets your goals. It is a service that we offer to both our corporate clients and private clients and is popular with both in equal measure.


The printing size we offer is 8 x 10 inch which takes 30 seconds to produce. With only one printer in operation we have often printed between 100 – 300 photos at events. If we need to print more, or the same number in a lesser time we will simply increase the number of printers and operators.


The quality is truly superb. At every event we have attended we always have comments revolving around the quality of photos we have produced, and also the short time it has taken to print them. This is partially helped, of course, by the fact that so many people are used to simply viewing photos on the computer these days so when they hold a high-quality print they are blown away. 

The first option is hiring out the printing facilities for allocated time i.e. reception only or full day. Please note a minimum of 2 hours is required and there is a maximum limit of 60 photos for 2 hours.


The second option involves individuals paying for this service should they want their photo printed. All images come at a standard size of 8 x 10 inch at £15 per photo or 2 for £20.

Both options also include the photographer and printing operator.

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